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This week I saw several couples who needed to come in to see me urgently.  In my experience this usually means, something big happened that pushed things over the edge or one of the partners is done.

This is what happened.  In one case the male partner was fed up and wanted out after his girlfriend’s repeated indiscretions and in the other , the woman, after complaining for years and getting no response to her “nagging”,  finally gave up. This is usually a big surprise to the other partner who then immediately springs into action and is ready to do “what ever it takes”.

These situations are heart breaking to me as a human and as a couples therapist, because the “rejected” one is willing to do anything at this point to save the relationship, but it has been pushed the other way too much and for too long. They beat themselves up in my office about how and why they did not come to seek help sooner or at least pay attention to what was going on.

I do attempt to repair the tear, but usually it is too difficult to bring back the person who is done. These sessions are usually sad and end up in a break up in my office.

I wish I could convey to all my clients and people out there who are thinking whether they need help, please get help before it is too late.