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Therapy Sessions on Skype or Zoom Video

Skype and Zoom sessions have become very common practice in individual and couples therapy, especially in New York City. While I see clients in person in my office, I am also available remotely via virtual private appointments. You can rest assured you are getting the help you need, from the comfort of your home, wherever that may be.

Appointments are booked on the phone, via email or thru our contact us form. Sessions will be conducted via Zoom or Skype and we can address and work on issues that you are having at that time.

Call (212) 953-1388 to book today or contact us online. I am taking new Clients and am available for you.

Live in another Country?  Oftentimes people living in other countries, especially from United States prefer to have a therapist who can relate to their life at home. Many clients have temporary work assignments in different parts of the world or are on a long vacation. They may want to have sessions with me. In some cases, there are no therapists they can work with or want to work with in areas where they happen to live. I schedule Skype or Zoom sessions in such cases.

If you are feeling impacted by the Pandemic and have issues to discuss that are either personal or relationship-based, I am ready to talk to you.

In fact, below are some common issues related to the pandemic, even as things continue to improve in NY:  

  • The problems you are having in your relationship may not be new, they are just acerbated by the circumstances. Some of your interpersonal dynamics may get heightened, though many couples have discovered surprising and renewed strengths in their ability to be partners and parents.
  • It’s not unusual to experience your differences as more pronounced at a time of great stress. Try to look at them as complementary rather than polarizing. It may be a good thing that your partner is more concerned about, for example, safety then you are. It can be good for everyone’s survival. Even now, one partner may feel stronger than the other on these issues. Try not to let them become barriers.
  • Resources are limited. Still, many are experiencing hardships stemming from the pandemic and its effects on the local economy. Dealing with the challenges of having been being cooped up can be hard too. We can talk about any issues related to these feelings.
  • People talk about their feelings and when offering comfort, it’s hard sometimes, to know what they need or want and not what you want. That being said, it’s not the best thing to unleash relentless helplessness, powerlessness, fear and anxiety on your partner and other members of your family or friends. Your home needs to be a safe place for everyone. We need to create a supportive environment not toxic one.
  • People often mistake CARE for CONTROL. Especially these past many months back to 2020. Your loved ones may remind you to wash your hands and put on a mask. They are not thinking you are irresponsible, they simply care about and are watching over you.

Those of us who live alone or don’t have a partner, experience some of the same issues as well as a whole other host of others.

  • Social Isolation can be very crippling especially after a long time. This still exists for so many.
  • There can be ANXIETY and DEPRESSION. It is frightening to be going through this living alone.
  • Dealing with uncertainty is a challenge to all of us now.
  • Dating if you are single is still challenging. Though people are going out more now and starting relationships, many have had difficult times that can impact future relationships. These should be addressed.
  • Being remote is something many have gotten used to as a way of life however being in person may be an adjustment for many.
  • Many have lost family members and may still be grieving and experiencing depression related to the feeling of ‘loss.’

We can address these and many other issues you are facing when you get in touch.

Call (212) 953-1388 to book today or contact us online.


Call (212) 953-1388

Sessions available by phone, on Zoom or Skype.