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Therapy Sessions on Skype or Zoom Video

Skype and Zoom sessions have become very common practice in therapy, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic that is impacting New Yorker’s particularly hard. While I normally see clients in person in my office, during this time, I am exclusively seeing couples and individuals in NY and beyond via private video appointments. I am taking new Clients and am available for you.

You can rest assured you are getting the help you need, from the comfort of your home. Appointments are booked on the phone or via email. The sessions will be conducted via Zoom or Skype and we can address and work on issues that you are having at this time.

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These are some common relationship issues during the current pandemic and lockdown:

  • The problems you are having in your relationship are not new, they are just acerbated by the circumstances. Some of your interpersonal dynamics may get heightened, though many couples are discovering surprising and renewed strengths in their ability to be partners and parents.
  • It’s not unusual to experience your differences as more pronounced at a time of great stress. Try to look at them as complementary rather than polarizing. It may be a good thing that your partner is more concerned about, for example, safety then you are. It can be good for everyone’s survival.
  • Resources are limited, how to deal with the challenges of being cooped up. For many it’s homeschooling the kids while working. Think of this now as survival mode and think in terms of tasks you have at hand. How do you deal with tasks, who does what? Your family or group is a system, how do you best organize to ensure survival and utmost comfort at this time. We all have a job to do.
  • People talk about their feelings and when offering comfort, it’s hard sometimes, to know what they need or want and not what you want. That being said, it’s not the best thing to unleash relentless helplessness, powerlessness, fear and anxiety on your partner and other members of your family or friends. Your home needs to be a safe place for everyone. We need to create a supportive environment not toxic one.
  • People often mistake CARE for CONTROL. Especially now. Your loved ones may remind you to wash your hands and put on a mask. They are not thinking you are irresponsible, they simply care about and are watching over you.

Those of us who live alone or don’t have a partner, experience some of the same issues as well as a whole other host of others.

  • Social Isolation can be very crippling especially after a long time.
  • There can be ANXIETY and DEPRESSION ramping up. It is frightening to be going through this living alone.
  • Dealing with uncertainty is a challenge to all of us now. There are many questions and not a lot of answers and the answers change day to day.
  • Dating if you are single is challenging though people are still meeting people and starting relationships. There are ways to do this with safety in mind.
  • Seeing friends on Zoom is getting old and it is normal to crave social connections.
  • It is paralyzing to live without touch.

We can address these and many other issues you are facing. Many may be connected to the Lockdown and many are old issues surfacing now with more intensity.

Call (212) 953-1388 to book today or contact us online.

Oftentimes people living in other countries, especially from United States prefer to have a therapist who can relate to their life at home. Many clients have temporary work assignments in different parts of the world or are on a long vacation. They may want to have sessions with me. In some cases, there are no therapists they can work with or want to work with in areas where they happen to live. I schedule Skype or Zoom sessions in such cases.


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Sessions available by phone, on Zoom or Skype.

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