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Crystal: “He made me feel sexy, and it was very irresistible and I started to think no one has to know.”

Louis: “I felt like an atom bomb dropped in my life.”

Manny: “I have someone that wants to do all these things that I secretly always wanted to do, there’s nothing off limits.”

Manny’s Wife: “I just could not even believe that those were the words that I was hearing, could you really ever trust someone who would do something so horrible.”

Manny: “I was extremely turned on, I may go down roads but I don’t need to be going down. My perfect plan was no longer a perfect plan and now had a crack in it.”

Crystal: “After we finished dancing, we said our goodbyes, we didn’t exchange any numbers, it was just that innocent dance and nothing else.”

Irina Firstein has been counseling individuals and couples for more than twenty years.

Irina Firstein: “Five months into Louis’ deployment, Crystal started to develop a little bit of a social life. She hadn’t really done this in her life, she went from High School to getting married pretty much. So for the first time she was experiencing a whole new side of life, she was having fun.”

Crystal: “Manny wanted me to divorce Louis and try to have a real relationship with him, and I didn’t want to. I know that my heart was still with Louis but I want to have a father for my child, so I decided to be with him. And I stayed at Manny’s house for a while.”

Irina Firstein: “This is another example of magical thinking in immaturity that you can just plug people in and out of roles and it could go seamlessly after a period of months it wasn’t enough.”

Crystal: “The guilt and shame I felt, it wasn’t healthy I was so miserable.”

Desperate to get her life back on track, Crystal turn to Irina Firstein.

Irina Firstein: “When I first started working with Crystal, Crystal knew that she was responsible for a life and she really had to put everything behind or on the shelf and be present for her child.”

Crystal: “Through my work with Irina I learned that I blamed myself for so long and you have to forgive yourself in order to move on.”

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