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Each year after Valentine’s Day many of my couples and individual clients come in expressing  disappointment. It takes many different forms.

Usually the woman complains about her man not being creative enough, thoughtful or in some ways not making the day special. Some men don’t do much of anything, some don’t do enough. The basic feeling a woman is left with is that she is not important enough, not special enough, taken for granted.

There also seems to be a sense that it is a man’s responsibility to make the day a special celebration of their relationship and typically the woman does nothing. Some of my male clients in relationships expressed a feeling that this is not fair.

In the meantime, all of my single clients, seem to feel terrible on this day, the day reminds them that they are alone and don’t have that special someone, seeing happy couples everywhere, men with flowers and chocolates and restaurants filled with couples dining….

Something is off with this picture.