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How to Deal with Post-Holiday Blues

January 2 means holidays are over and time to get back to work, stress of deadlines, school, chores and “to do lists”, New Year resolutions, in short, REALITY.

Its a  kind of Post – Holiday Blues, I don’t want to call it depression, but for many its a slump. For many of us the social calendar is empty and the work one is full. The credit card bills will soon be arriving, reminding you of all the money you spent on gifts, etc.

You can try to change this “blah” perspective to a positive and productive one. Its time to think about doing all things you have been putting off because you are not preoccupied with all the year end stuff, such as gifts, travel, family obligations.

If you worry about feeling lonely and isolated during this time, have a dinner party, make plans to see people. Many of your friends, family and colleagues feel the way you do. reach out to friends and family and organize stuff, everyone will appreciate this, go see films, plays and concerts you had no time to indulge yourself with during December. Many, knowing about this slump actually plan trips in January and February.

You know you have been here before and it passes. As the months go forward and you weather the cold weather and snow storms, you know spring is coming and with it rebirth and new inspirations and good feelings.

Hang in there!