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Dealing With Difficulties In Relationships for Individuals

Most people who come to receive individual therapy feel they need help with issues like depression, anxiety, compulsive issues, avoidance or performance issues, when in fact, many of their issues boil down to relationship issues.

Feeling alone, unsupported or frightened in the world is a common breeding ground for many psychological conditions and illnesses.

This is not to say that those who are in good, solid romantic relationships or friendships do not need counseling, but that the issues grow and transform much faster when one person feels not alone and unsupported.

Part of the reason there are so many relationship problems today is that we are living in a world of alienation. This trend started way before the technological boom with families moving away and living apart from one another. However, today’s use of technology further alienates people from having regular personal interactions, further causing separation and aloneness.

Relationships with others and the feeling of belonging to a clan or a group is necessary for humans to thrive. It is critical to understand this and make all efforts to disconnect from technology, work obligations and whatever else that keeps us apart from our human contact and connections.

If you feel like your relationships are lacking and you cannot find a way to resolve these difficulties, you should seek professional counseling. A good therapist can help identify the role you play in this and help bridge the gaps in the interpersonal difficulties that need to be tended to or mended.