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5 Ways To Disconnect From Technology In 2018

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Let 2018 be a year of more real connection with people and less so with technology. I have been saying this to all my Individual and Couples Therapy clients for the past month.

Yes, human connection was always challenging due to our childhood and adult attachment traumas, but in the recent years, our obsession with our phones and other gadgets took it to another level.

So here are 5 strategies I came up with to help you disconnect from the device of your choice. Not rocket science but something to think about.

  • Don’t feel compelled to answer an email or respond to text just because it will only take a second. You know that if you just replay, there will be more to follow.
  • Turn off your devices when you get home for at least an hour or two and be present with your loved ones. If you live alone, just connect with yourself, your feelings, body and thoughts.
  • Own your dinner time, eating out, driving with your family or talking with friends. Take it back. No one and nothing, but dire life and death stuff or a true emergency should encroach on that special time.
  • Create pockets of time on weekends or other leisure time to not look at your devices. Try to relearn what it means to be in the moment or be present. Don’t take the phone to the gym or on a walk in the park. Look at it later. Definitely put the phone away if you are watching your favorite show with your partner or kids. For sure don’t find the two of you sitting on opposite ends of the couch with one eye on the TV and the other in the phone.
  • If you have to work at home at night, please do so after connecting with loved ones or having had some time to be with yourself. I am aware of the current workplace expectations, but I also know that it is possible to push back. I see this happen every time when a relationship is in big trouble and may be too late. Figure out your priorities.