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The Power Of Gratitude

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

The Power Of GratitudeNeuroscience research reveals that gratitude helps when feeling blue. The most important question to ask yourself is “What am I grateful for?” Gratitude is good because it affects your brain on a biological level. It boosts neurotransmitter dopamine which is what medication Wellbutrin does. Gratitude also increases serotonin as does Prozac. Who knew?

Another powerful effect of thinking about what you are grateful for is that it makes you focus on positive things about your life. Life can be harsh and sometimes it is hard to think of good things or things you feel grateful for. Apparently, even if you can’t think of anything, just thinking about gratitude and searching for the answer is good enough.

Expressing gratitude to people you love makes for better relationships. Better relationships and closer connections also make your brain happier.

But there are times when bad feelings are so intense that it is really hard to deal with them, let alone find something you are grateful for. Still and again, search for something or someone you feel grateful to and for.  It will take you out of the darkness and negativity may be even for a little while.

Gratitude has been one of the most spoken and taught rituals in spiritual practices. I suggest to all my clients to start the day thinking about what they are grateful for and mentally list what you are thankful at the end of your day when going to bed at night.

Let us try and practice daily gratitude.