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Midtown East Manhattan Individual, Couples Therapy, and Marriage Counseling

Relationships are not smooth and easy. I see many individuals and couples who live and often work on the East Side of Midtown Manhattan.

Typical issues for couples are not having enough quality time due to demanding work schedules, stress dealing with children and other family obligations as well as finances.

For those who are single, navigating work and dating is a major challenge.

Midtown East, while a bustling business hub, near Metro North and Grand Central, is not a typical neighborhood, which presents special challenges to those living here. It is not as family-oriented or cultural as other areas of the city.

There are many challenges, but do not give up. There is help and it’s wise to take the step to have a better life.

Here are more detailed issues facing couples and individuals today:


99% of couples who come to my office state communication problems as their presenting problem. However, what it means varies from couple to couple. It can be that they cannot have a conversation without a blow up. It can be that one or both partners do not know how to talk about what is bothering them and end up bottling up feelings which leads to distance.

Conflict is inevitable and most of us deal with it in our own ways, which often leads to more conflict.

Financial worries

We are in difficult financial times. While the job market seems to stay strong, inflation is driving the costs for just about everything causing worries about staying afloat. Couples often disagree about budget and what and how to spend money on.

For single people, it’s even harder to navigate rent, dating, being able to have a comfortable life.

Money is not just money, it represents security, safety, freedom. Most couples do not have same relationship with money and there are usually conflicts, especially at a time like now.

Relationships get stagnant

Boredom in relationships happens often, most people become disconnected in their struggle to juggle different parts of life. Boredom leads to affairs and divorce. Most couples come to Couples Therapy late. Sometimes too late.

It is tragic when this happens because there is so much pain and regret at that point. There is so much help out there, please don’t wait.

If addressed early, Couples Therapy can be immensely helpful in identifying and addressing underlying or even practical causes of boredom.

Relationship needs to be a priority, otherwise, it does not thrive.

For single people, finding a relationship is not easy. It is hard to find and connect with compatible people and technology does not help.

Isolation and loneliness are not unusual. Often it can lead to depression, anxiety, substance abuse.

Midtown East Manhattan Couples Therapy

Meddling in-laws

Couples who listen to unsolicited marriage advice from meddling in-laws can have a negative impact on any marriage. Not only does it contribute to feelings of mistrust and insecurity, but it can also increase the tension between the spouses and create resentment.

As a result, couples may find that they are unable to resolve their marriage difficulties on their own without seeking marriage counseling.

Ultimately, by seeking advice from a trained marriage counselor, couples can overcome the negative behavior of meddling in-laws while gaining insight into the deeper relationship dynamics affecting their marriage.

Disrespectful stepchildren

Stepchildren who disrespect their stepparent can cause significant stress in a marriage.

The stepchild may act out because of deep-rooted issues such as insecurity or abandonment, and when these emotions come out as disrespect, it can lead to an unhappy home environment for everyone.

The way a couple handles the situation can have a major impact on their relationship and whether or not they are successful as a blended family.

Respectful communication is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships within blended families.

Irina Firstein, LCSW, has an office in the heart of Manhattan, Midtown East. She is a relationship expert, who has helped many couples find their way back to each other’s hearts. She also has helped many single clients identify and remove obstacles to a fulfilling life alone or with someone else.

Don’t wait, reach out to Irina Firstein and schedule an appointment. Please call (212) 953-1388 or click here to contact online.

Why Contact Irina Firstein, LCSW?

Irina Firstein, LCSW is a highly-qualified and experienced therapist offering individual therapy, couples therapy and marriage counseling in the New York City area.

Irina can provide you with specialized one-on-one services or couples sessions that are tailored to your circumstances – no matter how complex they may be. Contacting Irina is a wise decision for those looking for an experienced counselor in the New York City area.

She has a therapy office location in Manhattan at 370 Lexington Ave #514, New York, NY 10017. Plus, she has the ability to see Clients virtually. To schedule a free consultation with Irina, call (212) 953-1388 or get in touch online.

What to Expect from an Individual Therapy Session?

Participating in an individual therapy session can be a very empowering and helpful experience. During these sessions, the individual therapist will work with the client to help them identify their goals and create a plan of action to find success.

It is common for the therapist to ask several questions in order to clarify where the client is at, in life, in order to have a clearer understanding of what they are going through.

Issues such as mental health, family dynamics, traumas, work/career related struggles and interpersonal relationship challenges can all be discussed in an individual therapy session.

Irina Firstein utilizes EMDR, a therapeutic technique to clear traumatic experiences as well as other techniques to help her clients.

What to Expect from Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling?

Couples therapy and marriage counseling with Irina provides couples the opportunity to discuss their concerns in a professional, safe environment. Through her individualized approach, couples will be able to openly and honestly address the current issues in their relationship, while also looking at underlying explanations of why these issues have been difficult to work through.

Irina assists her clients in developing skills they can use long after their sessions have been completed.

Issues that couples typically focus on during couples counseling include communication problems, techniques for managing disagreements or negative patterns, increased understanding of one another’s needs and feelings, constructive ways of expressing anger and exploring areas of potential growth.

Above all, Irina works with couples in pursuit of creating balance and understanding within the relationship.

Individual Therapy in Midtown East Manhattan

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How to Find A Good Therapist for Individuals or Couples or Marriage Counseling in Midtown East Manhattan

Marriage Counseling in Midtown East ManhattanWhen looking for a competent therapist, it is important to consider factors such as qualifications and credentials, experience, potential comfort level, insurance coverage or fees, and the type of therapies offered.

Ask for references. Observe how well the therapist listens to you and responds with advice. Inquire about their therapy style. Do some research on the therapy technique and read reviews to assess whether their skills will align with your needs.

After meeting with a few therapists, compare them on these factors in order to make an informed decision. Never compromise on finding someone who is qualified and passionate about helping others.

Benefits of Finding A Good Therapist

Having a good therapist can bring a wide range of benefits to those experiencing psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, trauma, etc. A good therapist will work collaboratively with individuals to create goals and support them in finding coping strategies that are tailored to their needs.

Working with a trained professional is an important step towards addressing the issues you’re going through in order to promote emotional wellness and have meaningful social experiences.

Here are a few more benefits:

  • Improved mental health: A good therapist can help you understand yourself and your feelings better, identify patterns of unhealthy or harmful behavior, and reduce symptoms associated with psychological distress such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Improved relationships: A good therapist can help you improve relationships by helping you communicate more effectively and learn how to respond to difficult situations in a healthy way. They can also provide support for improving communication within a family or marriage.
  • Increased life satisfaction: With the help of a qualified professional, it is possible to experience greater well-being in life by learning how to set boundaries with others, developing healthy coping skills, learning how to express emotions in an appropriate way, and developing self-confidence.
  • Increased social connectedness: Good therapists are often skilled at helping individuals connect with others in meaningful ways that give a sense of belonging. This can be accomplished through activities like role playing scenarios geared towards practicing socially acceptable behaviors or providing advice about how to manage certain situations that may arise during social interactions.
  • Self-discovery: When individuals enter into therapy sessions, they have the opportunity to explore their feelings, thoughts and behavior which can lead them down paths of self-discovery that allows them—with time—to make healthier decisions related to their lives.
  • Psychological insight: Another important benefit of working with a good therapist is gaining greater insight into one’s own psychology—everything from understanding why we think or act the way we do all the way down to our subconscious motivations. Such knowledge leads us toward greater self-awareness which, in turn, helps us create healthier habits while avoiding potentially damaging ones.
  • Unbiased support system: For many people struggling with mental health issue, one of the most difficult aspects is feeling alone or misunderstood by friends or family members. Working with a qualified professional provides an unbiased support system where we can get help without worrying about being judged.

About Midtown East Manhattan

Midtown East is primarily a commercial part of the city. It goes from 34th street to 59th street. There are multiple law firms, financial institutions, banks, medical offices, restaurants and bars. It now has some residential areas. This area borders on Murray Hill, which is known for being a hub for young professionals or college students subsidized by their parents. There are also wealthy people who choose to live there.

The area also borders on Midtown West, which is theater district or as is called Broadway. This is a very different experience, very crowded with tourists. This makes Midtown attractive to some and not to others.

Popular spots around the area include:

Areas near Midtown East are:

  • Grand Central area 10017
  • Murray Hill, 10016
  • Midtown West 10001
  • Turtle Bay East 10022