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Couples Therapy in Murray Hill, Manhattan

A couple may seek therapy either to try and repair something that’s broken within their relationship or they may just want to make their bond stronger and enhance their relationship. Your relationship doesn’t have to be on the skids for you to go to couples therapy.

If your relationship has gone through some rocky times and seems to be hanging in the balance, then couples therapy in Murray Hill, Manhattan would be a very important and helpful next step to try.

There are many reasons why a couple would need therapy:

  • Communication has broken down.
  • The topic of money spurs many disagreements.
  • You’ve had some life transitions and are not able to “keep it together”.
  • There are some mental health issues.

Signs You Might Need Couples Therapy

Here are some ways you can tell if you and your partner need to get therapy for couples, whether it is to get through some issues you’re both struggling with or to improve on the good thing you already have going with each other:

  • If there has been any infidelity, that breaks the trust you have in each other. Not having trust affects your intimacy and communication, and it could take some time to get that back.
  • Finances are usually a hot topic in your home. You bicker about them every day.
  • You and your partner seem to have the same arguments day after day with no solution in sight. This seems to be the only kind of communication you have with each other now — arguing and being mad at each other all the time.
  • All kinds of life transitions can put stress on a couple, and they may be hard to get through. If someone gets sick or there is a job loss, they can add a lot of stress to the relationship. Having a baby can also be a source of major stress on new parents, both financially and physically (interrupted sleep every night).
  • There are numerous other reasons why a couple would need therapy, such as needing help to solve an issue, having unhealthy patterns, and general apathy toward people, things and even events.

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    How Does Therapy for Couples Work?

    Generally, the counselor will want a little history about your relationship. They would probably ask how you met, what attracted you to your significant other, how the relationship was before any issues cropped up, and when did those issues start happening.

    The therapist would also ask what brought you two to counseling today, if there has been many arguments, any infidelity, life transitions, things happening with work and if there are any health issues?

    The counselor is there to be an unbiased objective third party. They will not take any sides. And, if one partner seems to think that their problems are all because of the other partner, the counselor will remind them that it takes two to fight, and it also takes two people to work hard at making their relationship happy again.

    What Should You Expect in a Couples Therapy Session?

    Usually in the first session of couples therapy in Murray Hill, the therapist will gather information, trying to get to know each of you and learning some of the dynamics in your relationship.

    Also, the counselor would ask each person several questions to have an idea of the kind of people you both are. During that, if the therapist notices things happening in your relationship right then, he/she would likely point them out immediately, as those could potentially be adding to your issues.

    Lastly, since you will have filled out some forms, and the therapist will go over them to make sure you understand their confidentiality agreement and fees.

    Benefits of Couples Therapy

    The couple’s therapist may focus on improving your communication skills and teaching you both how to really listen to each other so you can be open and honest. It will be a healthier way to talk things out, which is much better than bickering with each other. And, if talking things out can remain just that, talking, then this would offer a safe place for each of you to bring up what you really feel in your hearts.

    Also, you would likely learn how to communicate more effectively with each other. Your love would become deeper, and you would enjoy a stronger bond with each other. With this, both of you will feel confident that you have the support of each other.

    The therapist will help you both discover root causes of some major conflicts in the relationship. Along with this, you should be able to restore emotional strength and resilience in the relationship.

    And, during therapy, you would learn how to rebuild the trust you once had before any infidelity happened. When you address the above issues and maybe some others, you can start to work toward a happier and healthier relationship, getting back the intimacy you enjoyed.

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    If you are having relationship or marriage troubles, maybe now is the time to contact a licensed couples therapist in Chelsea Manhattan. Irina Firstein, LCSW is conveniently located at 370 Lexington Avenue, Suite 514, New York, NY 10016. To schedule an appointment, you can email her at or give her a call at (212) 953-1388. You can also contact us online.

    About Murray Hill, New York, NY

    Murray Hill is a neighborhood on the east side of the borough of Manhattan. It is approximately bordered to the east by the East River or Kips Bay, and at the west by Midtown Manhattan. It is also bordered, in the south, by 27th Street and in the north by 40th Street (middle of Times Square). (The exact boundaries are not clear; they differ depending on where you read it.)

    Murray Hill was named after Robert Murray, head of the Murray family, who was a mercantile family that lived in the area in the 18th century.

    Murray Hill has a population of 27,680 people. A lot of young professionals live here, and the neighborhood offers many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The neighborhood of Murray Hill-Kips Bay (classified as such by the NYC government) covers an area of about 335 acres.

    There are many interesting landmarks and places to go in Murray Hill. Here are just a few:

    Dover Street Market (160 Lexington Ave.): This is eight stories of high-end fashion, including Prada and Calvin Klein, to check out.

    Atomix (104 East 30th St.): Occupying two floors of a townhouse in Murray Hill, Atomix is a luxury-level Korean restaurant whose chef — Chef Junghyun Park — changes the menu quarterly.

    Regarding Oysters: Hidden on the top floor of a Murray Hill brownstone, this “speakeasy” dates back to the 1920s. It is an oyster salon and cocktail experience.

    Areas in or near Murray Hill, NYC

    Murray Hill’s primary ZIP codes are 10016 and 10017 and is part of Manhattan Community District 6. The NYPD’s 17th precinct patrols the neighborhood.