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Couples Therapy in Chelsea Manhattan

While we all would like our romantic relationships to always be great and fun and to be like they are in the movies, the reality is that they are not. When you find the right person for you, your relationship will surely be happy, but you won’t agree on everything. We are all unique individuals. It depends on how you both work through those disagreements that will test your relationship’s mettle.

Maybe you’re a couple who can talk things out (mostly calmly) and work through those disagreements. However, if you and your significant other seem to always be at each other’s throats, going to sleep mad, or maybe even sleeping separately (more often), then it may be time for the two of you to seek marriage (or relationship) counseling, otherwise known as couples therapy.

If you are looking for an experienced couples therapist in Chelsea, Manhattan, please call (212) 953-1388 to book an appointment with Irina Firstein, LCSW. You can also schedule online here.

What is Couples Therapy, and Why Do Couples Seek Help?

What is therapy for couples anyway? It is one kind of psychotherapy or talk therapy. Licensed therapists usually work with couples who wish to better their romantic relationships, whether they’re married or not, or perhaps to decide that ending things between them is best.

The general goal of couples counseling is to improve the relationship dynamic between the two people. The therapist or counselor will help the couple try to resolve any current issues as well as any other issues that have been persisting in the relationship.

If each person in the relationship truly cares for the other and does want to stay together but little (and sometimes bigger) issues keep coming up, therapy would be very important for them and could help them resolve those problems so they can get back to being happy again.

Signs You Might Need Couples Therapy

There are various reasons why a couple would want to seek therapy. Here are a few of those reasons:

One reason that couples in Chelsea seek psychotherapy is to improve the way they interact; to help each person see things from the other’s point of view for greater understanding; to gain skills and knowledge on how to communicate effectively with each other; to learn how to solve their conflicts in a calmer manner.

A sign that you and your significant other should seek therapy for couples is if you have communication issues. If the yelling and no listening continue, if your attempts to communicate with each other don’t seem to work out, or if you argue about the same things over and over, therapy can help you. The constant conflicts could be your relationship’s undoing if you don’t seek some outside help. If you truly care for one another, you should at least try couples therapy.

Another reason you should get some help is if you have intimacy issues, which usually stem from poor communication and distrust. Stress from careers, communication breakdowns and big life changes can cool things down in the bedroom.

Another reason that couples go to therapy is to get past the huge stumbling block of infidelity and distrust. If you or your partner were unfaithful, that would break the trust you had in each other. Getting past that and staying together — if that is still your goal — would require therapy and time.

Lastly, big life transitions can put stress on a couple, which can spell disaster if you can’t work through them. Having a child, a major health diagnosis or the loss of a job can put stress on even the best of relationships.

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    How Does Couples Therapy Work?

    Usually, couples therapy occurs with both partners/spouses present in the sessions. During the first session, the therapist would ask several questions to get a sense of who each partner is and what they’re all about. If noticed at that time, the therapist would likely point out specific behaviors that are adding to the couple’s problems.

    There are times when just one-half of the couple is present. This happens either when the therapist asks to see one partner alone or when one partner does not wish to participate in the therapy.

    The couple’s therapist might focus on helping the couple improve their communication skills and teaching them how to actively listen to each other so they can speak their mind. Learning to talk about their feelings in a healthy way each week could be a good foundation for a better relationship.

    What To Expect In A Couples Therapy Session

    Generally, the couple’s first session will begin with some interview questions about the history of the relationship, as well as talking about each partner’s family origin and cultural background. With the answers to those questions, the therapist may also be able to identify issues that should be a focus in therapy.

    In ongoing sessions, the therapist can help you both understand the dynamics that are causing the negativity in your relationship. The therapist will guide you and your partner in how to understand your roles during your problematic interactions.

    Also, the therapist will likely “assign” the couple homework so they can apply those newly learned skills to their everyday interactions at home.

    Irina Firstein, LCSW is experienced in helping couples resolve a variety of issues including conflict resolution, communication, and intimacy. If you are looking for a trustworthy couples therapist in Chelsea, call (212) 953-1388 or get in touch online to schedule an appointment.

    Benefits of Couples Therapy

    There are several benefits to going to couples therapy in Chelsea.

    First, you would learn how to communicate better and more effectively with each other. It will be a healthier way to talk things out, which is much better than constantly yelling at or arguing with each other.

    Second, the therapist will teach you both some better ways to resolve your relationship conflicts.

    Third, if you think you can learn to trust each other again, after an infidelity, your therapist can help you to rebuild the trust you once had.

    Fourth, you and your significant other would enjoy a stronger bond with each other. With this bond, both of you will feel like you can take on anything because you have the support of each other.

    Lastly, when the above issues are addressed and you work toward a happier and healthier relationship, this should help heat things up in the bedroom. This will take time, of course. If you can talk to each other, provide a safe and comforting space for each other, and start trusting again, then intimacy can slowly be reestablished.

    How to Choose the Right Couples Therapist in Chelsea, Manhattan

    Here are some ideas to get you started on your search for a couples therapist in Chelsea:

    • Search for a local therapist with real positive client reviews.
    • Search for a therapist with years of experience.
    • Ask your friends and family if they know a therapist who helped them or someone they know.
    • Ask your primary care doctor if they can recommend someone.

    How Irina Firstein Can Help You

    • She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social work.
    • She has had her own practice, specializing in treating individuals and couples, since 1985.
    • Published in well-known magazines and journals.
    • She is affiliated with Psychology Today.
    • She helps patients’ relationships, whether married or not.
    • She aims to improve the way couples interact with each other.
    • She serves Chelsea and other areas in Manhattan. She has the ability to see Clients virtually. You can get in touch online or call (212) 953-1388 to book an appointment.

    Sessions available in person, by phone or on Skype.


    About Chelsea, Manhattan

    The Chelsea area is a large neighborhood on the west side of Manhattan. It covers an area of about 852 acres and has an approximate population of 70,000. The neighborhood borders are 14th Street to the south of the Hudson River and West Street to the west, and Sixth Avenue to the east, with its northern boundary loosely described as being near the upper 20s or 34th Street, which is the next major cross street. In Chelsea, there are 33,493 housing units, which include both renters and owners.

    Chelsea’s city life is filled with many people and “busyness.” The daily grind can be pretty stressful for an individual, let alone a couple. Sometimes, after a while, this stress can get to a person and cause them to take out their anger on their significant other, even when their partner did not do anything except be there. This kind of interaction does not bode well for any relationship, and so couples therapy in Chelsea would be quite helpful.

    The Chelsea area has some awesome, historical and quite innovative landmarks. Among them is the Vessel, located in Hudson Yards. It is a soaring spiral staircase that opened in March 2019. Unfortunately, it is temporarily closed, but visitors can enjoy the ground floor free of charge.

    Another landmark is the Hotel Chelsea, a 12-story apartment building, which was built in 1884. First called the Chelsea Hotel, it went bankrupt in 1903 and became the Hotel Chelsea in 1905. It is known for the famous writers, artists and musicians who once lived there. Some tenants were Mark Twain, Allen Ginsburg and Jimi Hendrix.

    There is also Chelsea Market, which is a popular shopping center, which is located in the 22-building complex that used to be Nabisco’s factory, which originated in 1890.

    Lastly, the Flatiron Building is definitely a landmark worthy of a visit. It is known for its distinctive triangular-framed structure, which resembles the shape of a clothing iron. It is located on 23rd Street at the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue.

    Areas In and Around Chelsea, Manhattan

    There are several smaller neighborhoods within the Chelsea area. They are Hell’s Kitchen, Hudson Yards, Midtown South, NoMad, as well as the Garment District, Flatiron District, Meatpacking District, the West Village and the remainder of Greenwich Village. Also, Chelsea contains the Chelsea Historic District.

    There are 12 ZIP codes in Chelsea. They are 10001, 10011, 10060, 10113, 10116, 10117, 10119, 10120, 10121, 10156 and 10257.

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    If you are having relationship or marriage troubles, maybe now is the time to contact a licensed couples therapist in Chelsea Manhattan. Irina Firstein, LCSW is conveniently located at 370 Lexington Avenue, Suite 514, New York, NY 10016. To schedule an appointment, you can email her at or give her a call at (212) 953-1388. You can also contact us online.