Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy for Russian Speaking Clients

Although I came to United States a long time ago and have lived in New York City most of my life, I am a Russian speaking therapist and have understanding of, connection and deep ties to Russian community, culture and it's sensibilities.

As a Russian therapist, my work with Russian speaking or bilingual patients is rooted in understanding of the immigrant experiences, as well as adjustments to life in a different country. Many of my patients came to America as children or were born in the United States to parents from different parts of former Soviet Union. They prefer to see a Russian speaking therapist because they may still feel like they are partially bicultural. Many others immigrated to United States as formed adults and it is for many reasons they prefer to have therapy with a therapist who speaks their language and understands their culture and experience.

I know and understand bicultural experience and welcome Russian speaking as well as people from other countries who are experiencing adjustment difficulties or any other problems to consider me a resource to help with whatever difficulties they are experiencing.

Reasons for Seeking a Russian Speaking Therapist in NYC

I provide counseling and therapy in Russian for any psychological, personal, relationship, marriage or work related issues. My training and experience as a therapist in New York City for over 20 years and my understanding and connection to Russian culture and experience are of great benefit to Russian speaking clients or those who were raised in families from former Soviet Union.

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  • Patient Testimonial
  • "I was recommended to Irina by a good friend, who felt very helped by her. I came to New York at the age 7 and basically grew up here. I do, however, feel different from my "American" friends because my parents and extended family are different and I grew up with a different culture. So while I feel totally comfortable and very "American" too, I have some different issues, mostly having to do with my family. It is so helpful to have someone to talk to about these things who really understands what I am talking about and who is so aware of my background but also really understands our life here." Olga, 27
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