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Eight Signs Your Significant Other Is Experiencing Depression

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Sometimes in the course of a relationship one partner or another can become depressed. This is usually not an on and off switch, it can happen gradually and over time if unnoticed, can become quite severe and pronounced. Many factors can lead to depression, such as genetics, major disappointment, loss, trauma, rejection, self esteem issues among many factors. These are the signs that your loved one may be depressed.

Your significant other is often tired and does not want to engage in activities you used to enjoy together, that were a lot of fun for the two of you. A typical excuse is tiredness, “not now”, etc.

  1. There is a tendency to either sleep more then usually or not much at all. Changes in sleep patterns are a major sign of depression or that something is wrong. It is important to pay attention to this.
  2. Your partner is loosing weight and generally does not have much appetite. There is generally no interest in food, in buying it or preparing it and certainly not eating.
  3. Your partner is unusually quiet and generally withdrawn socially and even just with just you. There definitely is no desire to do things with other people.
  4. When you are engaged in some activities that were usually fun, there is no pleasure. Nothing is fun or joyful.
  5. There is definitely diminished or none-existing sex drive. There is every excuse to avoid sex or physical intimacy of any kind.
  6. Your loved one looks sad and down all the time.
  7. There is general negative and very pessimistic outlook on life. There is a feeling of doom and gloom.

It is very hard to know how to handle your loved one being depressed. There is a tendency to blame one self, which is mostly not the case. Several important things to consider is that this usually does not last for ever but does need to be attended to. Depression can not be taken lightly and if it does not get better with your love, encouragement and time, you need to seek professional help.