Background And Experience

I have been providing counseling and therapy to individuals and couples for over 20 years.


  • Masters Degree in Social Work, New York University
  • Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Antioch University


  • Karen Horney Clinic - 2 year Program in Dynamic Psychotherapy
  • Washington Square Institute - Certificate in Group Psychotherapy
  • New York Hospital, Payne Whitney Clinic - Internship and Training on Depression Research Unit.
  • New York Open Center - Certificate program in EMDR

Employment History:

Cornerstone Treatment Center:

  • Director of In-Patient Detoxification Program
American Express:

Director of Out-Patient Programs Staff Therapist at Employee Assistance Program In-person and telephone counseling for employees of American Express and Lehman Brothers. Presentations to employees and management on various relevant topics

New School For Social Research:

  • Staff therapist for students and faculty of the New School for Social Research.
Lecture And Public Speaking Engagements:

Numerous Corporate speaking engagements at American Express and Lehman Brothers on Stress Management, Teamwork, Working with Difficult People.

Professional Affiliations:

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  • Patient Testimonial
  • "My wife and I decided to try Marriage Counseling after she discovered I was having an affair with another woman for 6 months. She confronted me with text messages she found on my phone. We did not think we could find our way to a workable marriage at that point and a close friend recommended Irina Firstein. In therapy for the past 10 months, we have been working on healing the pain my affair caused to me and my wife and rebuilding trust between us. We have been working very hard to understand what happened that I found myself in another relationship, what was going on with me, with my wife and with us. We are starting to heal and move forward, this has been a fascinating journey, nothing like what I imagined this to be. My wife and I are able to communicate in the way we never have before, we are able to be more open and vulnerable with each other. This feels very different then even the relationship we had in the very beginning. I am very encouraged by this process." Eric, 38
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