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Helping Couples Heal

Couples come to counseling for varying reasons, and for many, it is not uncommon for conflicts to begin well before marriage. Issues related to communication, finances, household responsibilities, intimacy and general conflicts are very common. Left unaddressed, they can strain a couple's relationship deeply and also hurt individuals. Feelings of joy, compassion, appreciation and love may erode, leading the relationship toward unhealthy territory. 

When couples reach a critical point in their relationship, action needs to be taken in order to avoid further damage. In reality, relationships require much work and teamwork, as well as the ability to adapt and change oneself and the relationship's dynamic.  If you have tried to resolve an issue but it persists, or you are unsure how to resolve a conflict that is negatively impacting your relationship, then it is time for change. For couples that are looking to create a more positive, loving partnership, couples counseling is a strong option to consider.

How To Get Started in Couples Counseling:

 A licensed couples counselor in NYC can constructively help you find ways to reconnect, heal and rebuild your connection and love. A counselor can also help positively change the relationship for the better by bringing communication to the forefront of your relationship, helping you overcome emotional pains, and putting closure on past issues that are damaging feelings.

Call Irina Firstein, LCSW, a trained and licensed couples counselor in Manhattan at 212 953-1388 today. Irina works with couples, partners and spouses. Whether your issues are about romance, sex, communication, fertility, children and parenting, family issues or other unresolved issues, please reach out to me.



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